All 66 graduates are one of the fresh graduates who traded in Padres in 33 months

Each rival team trades prospects to boost the roster of major leagues at some point.

The Cubs traded six prospects, including future stars Gleiber Torres and Paul Blackburn, during the 2016 season for acquisitions Mike Montgomery and Aroldis Chapman, both of whom played crucial roles in helping them win the World Championship. The Astros captured three top leads during the 2017 season to get Justin Verlander on their way to winning their first World Championship in franchise history. Future Red Sox traded Santiago Espinal as a prospect during the 2018 season for Steve Pearce, who won the World Player of the Year award after leading Boston to their second championship in five years. Naturally, the Braves traded seven possibilities in the 2021 trade deadline as they built a whole new field, moves that propelled them from a sub-0.500 record to a world title.

However, no registered team has traded prospects or top young players as frequently and enthusiastically as Padres in recent years. They traded 11 prospective or recent potential alumni on the latest deadline madness, gaining in return Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Josh Hader, Brandon Drury and Cam Gallagher.

In total, the moves add up to a dizzying pool of prospects or potential new graduates who have been traded away from Padres.

Beginning with the November 2019 deal that sent Luis Jureas and Eric Lauer to Brewers, the Padres family has traded 66 prospective or recent graduate opportunities in just over two and a half years.

This impressive total includes several players who enjoyed early success in the big league, including superstars Ty France and David Bednar, as well as several potential players still working their way to the top. Some could undoubtedly have helped the Padres in recent seasons, but if the Padres achieve their goal of reaching multiple seasons and winning their first world championship, the deals will be worth it.

Below are all 66 potential clients or potential recent graduates that Padres have traded in in the last 33 months. Players are listed with the team that Padres originally traded with. The top runners are listed in their current base position and prospects are listed in their projected future locations.

Jack Swinsky | pirates
Taylor Trammell | sailors
Edward Olivares | Royals
Brent Rucker | Royals

Robert Hussell | Citizens
Manuel Margo | rays
Franchi Cordero | Royals
Estori Ruiz | bruer
Jason Rosario | red socks
Hudson Head | pirates
Buddy Red | Athletics
Corey Rosier | red socks
Ismail Mina | Cubs

Franmil Reyes | guardians
Hunter Renfrew | rays
James Wood | Citizens
Owen Qaisi | Cubs
Junior Perez | Athletics

3 b
Luis Urias | breweries
Hudson Potts | red socks

CJ Abrams | Citizens
Gabriel Arias | Indians
Precious Reggie | Cubs
Victor Acosta | reds
Max Ferguson | red socks
Jordi Barley | Citizens

Xavier Edwards | rays
Owen Miller | Indians
Tukubeta Marcano | pirates
Uribel Inglis | Athletics
Jason Santana | Cubs
Stephen Kerose | rays

1 b
T France | sailors
Josh Naylor | guardians

Francisco Mejia | rays
Austin Hedges | guardians
Louis Torrens | sailors
Blake Hunt | rays
Austin Allen | Athletics
Logan Driscoll | rays

Eric Lauer | bruer
Cal Quantrell | guardians
Mackenzie Gore | Citizens
Luis Patino | rays
Garleen Susanna | Citizens
Joey Lucchesi | mets
Cole Wilcox | rays
Joey Cantello | guardians
Robert Jacir | bruer
Adrien Martinez | Athletics
River Ryan | Dodgers
Brian Medina | twins
Justin Lang | Yankees

David Bednar | pirates
Andres Muñoz | sailors
Dylan Coleman | Royals
Matt Brush | sailors
Ronald Bolanos | the Royal family
Mason Thompson | Citizens
Anderson Espinosa | Cubs
Gerardo Reyes | Angels
James Norwood | Phyllis
Doris Valdez | Cubs
Omar Cruz | pirates
Drake classmates | pirates
Michele Miliano | pirates

Kibert Ruiz Photography by Dylan Boyle Getty Images

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