Detroit Lions Training Camp Day 13 Notes: Aidan Hutchinson shows he can be a late-game weapon

The Detroit Lions The open portion of boot camp closed with fairly modest practice Wednesday morning. After a fairly high-intensity workout on Tuesday that included a lot of direct intervention, the Lions went with only shells (not full platforms) and simulated interference only for the day. However, there were plenty of 11v11 matches and practice … Read more

Lynx vs Mercury WNBA Odds, Picks & Predictions Tonight

The news was as shocking as it was devastating. As the days go by before the playoffs start, Diana TaurasiAnd the Phoenix Mercury The star was ruled out for the remainder of the season due to a quad injury. And those playoffs aren’t a sure thing for Mercury either, as they now face an uphill … Read more

Summoning the Orioles awaits MLB’s best player Gunnar Henderson

Every day is the same. Norfolk’s Triple-A manager Buck Bretton tells Gunnar Henderson to stop calling him “Sir,” however Henderson can’t help it. It’s so ingrained in a 21-year-old from Alabama that calling Britton anything else would feel weird. At this point, Britton succumbed to the fact that Henderson would not change. As managing a … Read more

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Aidan Hutchinson sings Billie Jean in Hard Knocks: Video

1. The new season of strong blows She got off to a great start last night thanks to rising Lions defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson. Singing for beginners during boot camp was a staple of strong blows Throughout the show’s history, however, the Michigan star took things to another level with his thrilling rendition of Michael … Read more

Amazon’s palm reading payment system is taking over Whole Foods

picture: Amazon Amazon is slowly working towards its goal of one day turning your entire body into a big meat suit. First, the palm of your hand. In the coming weeks, Amazon plans to expand its biometric payment system for “Amazon One” palmistry to 65 whole food markets across California, starting with locations on Malibu, … Read more

The Yankees had a butt on Basepaths

If there’s one thing baseball players absolutely love, it’s long games on the road in mid-August. And on Tuesday night in Seattle, before a daytime game on Wednesday and then a cross-country flight to Boston, the Yankees did their best to squeeze in as many turns as they could before everyone finally had to leave … Read more