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Joey Logano, #22 Shell/Benzwell Ford Mustang – What was hotter after the race inside the car after the fire or the driver’s conversation? “There was a lot of talk all over the place. It wasn’t just my movement. There was a lot of moving that was going on. There was a lot to talk about from last weekend. Definitely eventful. One lap like that in a late race restart, you can Sort of to see what happens and if you’re not the one making that move then that move will be done on you and it’s kind of put in place, I guess, where the whole field type gets put in place when you have one turn like that. It’s just a race Eventful at the end as everyone sees an opportunity to win a lot of spots and big moves happen.”

What happened with the fire in your car after the race and can something be done about it? “Yeah, it’s definitely something we need to look at. It looks like the same thing that happened to my car happened to my Buescher with the exhaust being pushed back into the rocking chair and basically melting the panels in there and then lighting the foam inside the door. So, obviously we need to look in that the learning curves with the race car we still have a brand new race car we are still in our first year we haven’t made it to qualifying yet and there are interesting things happening as we go it’s hard to name what they’re going to be so sometimes it happens. How many times in the races have we said, ‘Oh boy, I’ve never seen that before,’ and we’ve been doing this forever. We keep saying that, so definitely some new stuff out there, considering it’s happened to a few cars, I’d say it’s Maybe you need to make a list of figuring out a solution for that because you don’t really want the cars to burn inside. I don’t want a flammable race car, so if we can figure out how to fix that, that would be great.”

Have you seen it before? “It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. I don’t think it’s the first time this has happened from a group chat. It looks like it’s happened before, maybe once, but you can see how it happens. Now that it’s happened, you can really dissect it.” Kind of, and I think there’s a fairly easy fix – I guess – but we all have to get our heads together and figure out ways to enforce the rule and how everyone is going to move forward with that. Fixing some of these things isn’t as easy as you think. It sounds simple, but when you have to to fix 40 cars, it’s not like we just have to fix Penske cars from this. They’re all the same and they’re all built the same way. They’ll all move the same way from exhaust point of view to rocker and all that, so you have to fix it for everyone and everything should be done the same way, So it’s more difficult. More days than before.”

ANY CONCERNS THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED BEFORE WATKINS GLEN AND ROVAL? “This racetrack doesn’t seem like a chaotic moment. Still. There’s still a chance of a three-goal lead at Watkins Glen for sure. I think with Indy what you see is there are six wide lanes across the racetrack and then it’s down to three or two by the time You go through one and two. It’s very wide, Road America is like a similar setting but the path is paved with only three lanes from lawn to lawn. That’s all you can put in the first place so it kind of keeps everyone in line somewhat, but when it’s You have a path this wide this funnel is big and the chance of getting a few points in the curb area is there and everyone is good Whoever goes where no one is and just widens and turns into a mess when he gets to the funnel part of it Watkins Glen three lanes is all You have it there, so you have a situation similar to what happened in Road America.Ruval, we’ve already seen where a tricky piece can be in there whether it’s in the front row or the 15th row.It’s hard to tell, but it fits three or four lanes and then passes that chute to turn into two, so you might have a similar situation there, for But I don’t see that we do anything different to those. I think it is what it is,”

The discussion about aggressive driving. Is it a bigger problem among drivers or is it just a concern? Where is this in the big picture of things? “It’s one week. It’s one week on the racetrack that’s asking for that. Like I said, turn one is just asking for it. It’s going to be like we’re going to Sonoma and we’re looking at Turn 11 as Turn One. , in Indy, that kind of happened turn 1 for us. I think it’s more this year than last year because the cars are more durable. Last year, you didn’t want to push the flap in. You had more fender rubbing. Everyone at this point realizes that It’s a little trickier to cut in on the tires, the bodies are pretty tough so the connection isn’t that bad. That’s the first thing we asked when we built this next generation car, it was a more durable race car where we could crash and blast more. We got it and now we’re going to complain? We asked for it. The fans asked for it. Everyone asked for it. Everyone here thought about it, so this is just the fact that everyone is going to be complaining, period. That is. It doesn’t matter what we do, someone is going to complain. This is just life at this point. Everyone He has nothing to complain about, rather than looking at the positives.”

Ford has had a lot of success here, but not so much this season. Does that give you hope here and what do you think of the new car here? “We’ll see. Looks like short tracks were a bit more of our wheelhouse these days with the next generation car, and I could find six different reasons. I know the reasons, but I hope this racetrack falls into our wheelhouse from an engine perspective. It looks like a lot Sometimes that’s why we’ve seen so much success here is that the power of Roush Yates, especially at the higher end, has been very good because that kind of racetrack is right there for us, so I think that was a good thing. Big problem when we get out there. This is one of the racetracks where you take it all. You have to have the power. You have to have the right amount of downforce and the right amount of pull out of it. You have to balance that perfectly. You have to call the race right. Michigan is still Michigan. I don’t see that much different than it used to be. Now, how we get to these points is different, but I think the goals when building the car are still the same. Now, what exactly is the right balance? I don’t even know We race. Even after a workout, you may not have the perfect car and you won’t. Rack it until the race begins.”

Is this a wilderness race and does anything from the AUTO CLUB apply? “The surface of the track makes it very different. The shape and size are the same, but once you get past it will be completely different. This track is very smooth. There isn’t a lot of tire wear. You don’t have all the seams across. Fontana is something of its own. Michigan is its own track. I don’t think That there’s a lot of things that really skip from a setup perspective. You’re looking at the throttle time in Fontana compared to Michigan and it’s a lot different, just because there’s more grip here. I don’t if I call it a wildcard. It has the chance to be. We’ve seen the MIchigan transformation to fuel mileage before. We’ve seen different strategies work here due to the lack of falling tires, where someone might take a chance and climb there at the end of the race somehow. We’ve seen a wild restart here. You’ll see it again so I don’t see where it differs from It’s been in the past. I think it’s possible that there will be a wildcard winner, but I don’t think it’s likely. I think it’s possible that the same players I’ve seen who have been fast in the last few weeks are going to be very fast.”

Is there a special pledge with FORD TEAMS this week? “It’s the same thing as ever. There’s a certain level where teams feel comfortable working together on certain things. It’s the same every weekend, whether it’s Michigan or wherever the next race is. There’s a certain amount of information everyone feels comfortable with. When it’s shared, then there’s also a point where we need to race with each other, and everybody kind of knows where those lines are. It doesn’t make it any different that we’re in Michigan or any other track because this is Ford’s backyard. It’s the same thing no matter where we are. It just happened. Just to work out where this track has been in the past really in our wheelhouse where we’ve been really strong here. I’m not saying it won’t happen this time. Possible. There are definitely some things in our cars that, I think, favor this racetrack and there Something, I think, may not be so, so we’ll see how it balances out.”

I was at the Henry Ford Museum the other day. What are your thoughts about this place? It was fun. A lot of my kids crying is what caught my eye (laughs). It was fun, though. We got up early and went through the village outside and then went to the Henry Ford Museum. It was actually a lot of fun. We went on the train and we rode the Model T My son wanted to go on a Model T trip so bad. I said, “You know, we can do this at home.” Like, we’re waiting in line and we can drive home, but he was all about it. He has fun. He loves Jamison. trains so was all about it Amelia was happy to ride in the wagon so it was great I have really enjoyed going there a few times now just the history that has been preserved there is incredible I don’t think I’ve been anywhere else than this Like, where we probably didn’t get a chance to read much because we’d been chasing the kids, feeding the kids, changing diapers, but at times in the past it was fun to just look at not just the cars, but all the other things out there. It’s crazy to think that it’s all in One place.You look at some of those historic buildings and how they dismantled and reconstructed there An incredible and truly wonderful thing that could have happened. Someone took the time and devoted their life to building this thing. This is so amazing.”

Are there any works of art that have really jumped out for you? “I wish my championship car was still there because it was, but they just changed it. I let my son go down. I told him, ‘My dad’s race car is over there.’ No, it wasn’t (laughs). There’s so much that it’s hard Pick one thing. You need a full two days to do it right and that’s what I think. You really need to take your time and do it. We didn’t get the chance to read everything. We went all round, and that was fine.”

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