Boston Red Sox office, players differ in team building concepts

What we’ve seen over the past few days with the Red Sox is the fundamental difference between the front offices and the locker rooms playing in real time.

The players want to win now. Their time in the game is short. No less authoritative on this matter is Derek Jeter who offered his point in the finale of the fourth episode of ESPN’s current series, “The Captain.”

“You have one profession, right?” Jeter said. “Your career is only so many years. The ultimate goal is to win. If we don’t win, someone else will win.”

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You would be wise to believe that Xander Bogarts – Like Jeter, wearing the number 2 – thinks something similar. This would explain why it is He appealed to the Boston administration to enhance the roster during the All-Star break. It could also explain why he was ostensibly frustrated in Houston this week when the Red Sox announced the trade of Christian Vazquez to the Astros.