Chicago Bears Defense has a surprising comeback story happening

The crazy thing about system changes in the NFL is that it doesn’t always mean that every player has to fear for their jobs. There are sometimes rare cases where someone who seemed like a lost cause suddenly finds a new life in a different system under different training. People almost wrote Marcus Robinson off after two forgotten years in 1997 and 1998. Then a new coaching staff arrived, and he exploded for 1,400 yards in 1999. It shouldn’t be crazy to think the same thing could happen again. Chicago Bears. There is one such case that may be under development.

The conversation centers around three key names when talking about the corner position in defence. One is Jaylon JohnsonOne is Kyler Gordon, the other is Tavon Young. Most expected the trio to be the first group in 2022. But watching the early drills in the training camps, Young wasn’t running around with the first team defense. Nor is Thomas Graham Jr. to suffer a hamstring injury.

It’s Kindle Vildor.

Many bears fans will groan when they hear this name. They have nightmares about what happened last season. The previous fifth-round pick allowed 596 yards and six touchdowns last season. The quarterback had a passing rating of 136.1 when targeting coverage. There was no doubt that he was the weakest link in high school. Most assumed he would eventually be injured at some point. But this did not happen.

If anything, the opposite is happening. With Graham unable to train, Feldor gets more shots with the starting defense and doesn’t miss them. Talk continues as he did some nice plays during rehearsals. One of the ways he found to get the coach’s attention Matt Eberfluss It is his desire to address. Not afraid to communicate. That’s a big problem with this defense. This increased confidence seems to have given the 24-year-old angle even more confidence.

The Chicago Bears put him in a better position.

Not only are they playing a defense that eases the burden on the full-back, but they’ve also put him under the supervision of Alan Williams. The new defensive coordinator has been a defensive coach for two decades. He has a proven and successful track record in developing young staff. Feldor is still far from the first reclamation project he encountered. If he believes that the third-year corner is salvageable, you better trust his judgment.

The Chicago Bears Choosing to play Gordon at Nickel Corner makes this a very unusual development. Expectations were that they wanted him outside in exchange for Johnson. However, Eberflus and the staff love him on the inside, where his instincts and speed may give them an edge. With Young not known for playing well outside, this allowed Feldor to re-enter the situation.

An opportunity he didn’t miss.

The big test is yet to come. A sharp look in practice is one thing. Feldor must show that he can take it to game situations. Eberflus plans to allow starters to play important pre-season shots. If men wanted to make an impression, this would be the time to do so. One rarely gets second chances in this league. Feldor is lucky.

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