Chiefs WR Skyy Moore says he’s one of the Minions who got Patrick Mahomes passes

Rising wide receiver in the second round Skyy Moore created a lot of noise during Kansas City ChiefsTraining camp at Western Missouri State University in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

After Thursday’s practice, he discussed some of the conversations that were going on around him – Starting with the hip injury he suffered During a singles match against safety rookie Nazih Johnson on Tuesday. While some blamed Johnson for the blow to his teammate in practice, Moore said that wasn’t the case.

“I modified it a little bit,” he told reporters. “[I] She fell awkwardly. I’m cool now. It was a simple adjustment.”

The injury was still enough for the Chiefs to take him out of training that day – causing panic, as the “hip injury” looks so bad – but Moore was back on the field the next day, showing no signs of being physically limited.

Much has also been said about Moore’s background footage while camping, including some of his jet-setting sweeps. Wide said he was used to it.

“I’ve always been that kind of player,” he noted. “In the early stages of coming in, I feel like I’m always doing plane surveys. So it’s nothing new.”

But that in no way means Moore has a problem managing it. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

“I like to just get on the ball quickly,” he said. “The faster you can get the ball, the faster you can achieve something. So that’s what I love about those plays.”

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Of course, his main job will still be to get passes. And while he admitted that Reade’s complex crime would be a “process” of learning, he claimed that he had already begun to figure it out.

“I started clicking,” he said. “I feel like everything in this crime is as well counters – Like, we’re running this play – and this is Play is a counter for who – which game. So once you have the basics of everything, you start clicking a lot faster.”

But if he doesn’t, he still has a whole host of vast receivers that can help him – including well-known players like Mikkol Hardman and Cornell Powell, along with veterans like JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

“I’m leaning over the whole room,” he said. “If I have a question, everyone is open to the answer. We all bounce off each other’s ideas. So JuJu and MVS and Mecole and Cornell – like everyone else – we’re just helping each other out.”

He drew laughter when he talked about catching passes from quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“With Pat, you don’t fall apart,” he smiled. “So we’re just a bunch of minions – there we run.”

But so far, Moore hasn’t felt fatigued playing with one of the league’s stars — at least not on the field.

He said, “It’s hard for me to have that kind of moment while playing, but like, ‘When I get home and watch a video or something, I’m like, ‘Dang, that’ crazy. “

Moore said it was “very helpful” to work with Mahomes during Offseason workouts at quarterback hosted in Texassaying it’s great to “go to his workplace” and start learning how he likes to do things.

“At the end of the day, he’s got the car keys,” he said of the new quarterback. “Just tell me what you want me to do. That’s how I look at it. He wants it done that way? I’m going to do it that way.”