Deadline Deals: A Dozen Declining Stocks

Just to be clear, the following players are far from the worst players ever traded. I focus on men who are declining in value. Some may have great seasons (for example, Brandon Drury) but the largest down arrows must be attached to it.

1. Rizel Iglesias (ATL): Simply put, Iglesias will make a backup Kenley Jansen. With Jansen’s inability to return to back-to-back games and his propensity for injury, Iglesias (4.04 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 12.1 K/9), Iglesias should still be included in deeper formats.

2. Le Trevino (New York): Trivino has turned his season around with a 3.18 ERA, 10.6 K/9 and 1.53 WHIP since June 17, but he will be another arm in the Yankees Bullpen. Easy drop.

3. Wait Merryfield/Santiago backbone (Specifications): While Merrifield will provide the team with a shot at talent, one of these two will need to try to stay awake on the bench. While the Merryfield racket has been a disappointment (.643 OPS), it continues to deliver a decent number of steals (15 SB). On the other hand, Espinal was pleasantly surprised (.263 AVG, 6 HR, 5 HR) by providing consistent production.

I might keep both for a week to see how playtime works but I think Murrayfield will be the only one who will remain scoreable because of his stolen bases.

4. John Doran/Emilio Bagan/Tyler Duffy (minute): with Jorge Lopez When he got his Save last night, he seems to be the closest but I would expect him to accumulate a little spin because he’s been a Top 10 faithful this season (2.11 ERA, 11.3K/9, 0.96).

5. Yuli Gouriel/Tree Mancini/Michael Brantley (the new): If everyone becomes healthy, then one of these three will have to sit in every match. Jordan Alvarez It will start in DH or in OF. None of the three can play midfield.

As for talent, here’s the expected depth chart for the trio in the remainder of the OPS season.

Name: Proj OPS
Goriel: .731
Mancini: 752
Brantley: 774

Close enough. I’ll take a chance on Mancini out of the three because he can cover more positions.

6. Harrison Bader (New York): From what I can tell, Badr will be a defensive alternative or a tough runner. Imagination is of no value at this point.

7. Matt Ferling/Brandon March(PHI): With the addition of Brandon Marsh, Ferling’s full-time racket role ended at the center. After digging into their cleavages, they should form an outer platoon. Here’s their career against different pitches.

Name: vsLHP, vRHP
Quartet: .760, .633
Marsh: .537, .698

Nobody is about to be an average hitter, but the group makes them there. Splitting time takes a big part of its fairytale value.

8. Brandon Drury/gorexson brovar/Will Myers (SDP): I don’t know what playtime will be between these three. Ideally, Padres would sit on the bench and let the other two play, but it’s hard to tell at this point.

in addition to, Fernando Tates Jr. IL should be off soon and then Ha Seung Kim It does not have a permanent starting position. I’m sure injuries and performance may clarify the situation, but at the moment the situation is very muddy.

9. Andre Balant/Dakota Hudson/Jack Flaherty/Matthew Liberator/Stephen Matz (STL): The Cardinals strengthened the starting team with Joseph Quintana And the Jordan Montgomery. The pair have been respectful this season with Montgomery taking the 42nd best K%-BB% and Jose Quintana 51st (minimum 100 IP). Both are comparable Miles Micholas (46) and Adam Wainwright (54).

Having these four solid arms means the start of another one in the mix. I’m sure the Cardinals want her to be the ultimate Flaherty, so everyone will be fighting over the scraps.

10. Bobby Dalbeck/Franchi Cordero (BOS): with Eric Hosmer And the Tommy Fam After his addition, Dalbec heads to the bench while Cordero has already been brought back to AAA.

11. Brad Hand/Seranthony Dominguez/Corey Nebel (PHI): With the addition of David RobertsonThe chances of this trio of accumulating savings have been mitigated. I might get Dominguez to see if he can salvage enough friendships but he immediately switches over from the other two.

12. Tyler Naken/Mark Kanha (NYM): I thought Naquin would stay on the strong side of a platoon with Canha and retain most of his fantasy value, but last night he sat against a right-hand man. Now I think the pair might be akin to splitting the playing time by 50/50 and thus destroying their two fantasy values. Also, it would be difficult for either of them to squeeze a time outside of DH for Daniel Fogelbach And the Darren’s reputation 러프.

While Naquin has struggled with injuries this year (COVID, quadriceps), he performed as expected with a 7 HR, 3 SB and .249 AVG. Canha put out similar numbers on the 7 HR, 2 SB and .270 AVG.

Both are likely to be dropped in most formats.

Missed cut: Eddie RosarioAnd the Victor ReyesAnd the Willy CastroAnd the Luke Voigt