Dolphins’ Terron Armstead Impressive, stock, stock

Terron Armstead’s chip hampered the defensive end of the offensive guard, then the Miami Dolphins’ fresh left-footed tackle sped about 10 yards down the right to close out the outside quarterback during Friday’s 11 period early.

It was the first time the big-ticket Dolphins free agent had participated in an 11 on 11 session – and he was apparently testing out his surgically repaired knee.

The 10-year veteran signed by Dolphins to a five-year, $87.5 million deal, which secured him $30.1 million, was minimally involved in practice, let alone working 11 against 11.

So it was nice to see Armstead in the field, moving like the elite athlete he is known to be for a handful of shots.

“This is a process,” Armstead said, a three-time Pro Bowl selection. “We build to reach peak performance.”

Armstead missed nine games last season with elbow and knee issues he played, and the thought process was to get the 31-year-old ready for the September 11 season opener against the New England Patriots, which are five weeks away.

Armstead realizes he needs reps for training. What is the price?

“You never want to be dependent on it,” I need that many repetitions. “You want to remove the rust with your technique,” Armstead said. Put your eyes, hands, and feet where you want them to be. It can take a long time. Ideally, I want to be able to feel ready for the season as quickly as possible. But I haven’t gotten there yet.”

Joint practices next week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which feature one of the best defensive lines in the NFL, may provide him with a better indication of exactly where he is — if he participates.


Conor Williams and Adam Banke, two of the three Dolphins handling center shots, struggle with erratic shots that go out of range…

Tyreek Hill is back in training after sitting outside the Wednesday session with a maintenance day and picks up where he left off. He got a touchdown in the back of the end zone from Toa Tagoviloa during a goal-line session in Miami. Hill finished the day with four receptions during the 11th to 11th run….

Cornerback Xavien Howard locked down Hill during the 1-on-1s, and continued to dominate during their daily battles. While Howard doesn’t have the same level of proficiency in defending Hill through the 11 reps limited over the 11 he’s engaged in, the 1-on-1 spells were a showcase of superior Pro Bowl Cornerback technique…

Defensive Intervention John Jenkins continues his career as the unstoppable defensive lineman during 1v1 drills against the offensive linemen. Jenkins also had a nice backstop in the Sony Michel race during the team tenure…..

Kicker Jason Sanders was 6-for-6 in his field goal attempts, and his longest running time was 52 yards.


Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t have a reputation as an exciting coaching performer, but he’s making incremental strides in this West Coast attack, and was the best performing quarterback during Friday’s session. While all of Miami’s quarterbacks took potential sacks during this heavy blitz day, Bridgewater had a knack for getting the ball out before the defenders caught him. One of his completions could have turned into a 65-yard Braylon Sanders landing.

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Austin Jackson, the right start for the Dolphins, has had a respectable camp thus far. But the way Emmanuel Ogbah has been rough on it suggests the introduction of pads may be the equivalent. Jackson seemed to struggle with his passes, and his running game was less productive than usual on the right side during Friday’s training. During the second and third team reps, Jackson can be spotted working on his technique on his own.

Injury update

Tilbak Rahim Mostert, who has Exercising intermittently due to knee injury Which forced him to miss all but one matches last season, played 11 reps in 11 vs 11 and showed the speed for which he is famous in a few rounds…

Defender Alec Ingold, who has been on vacation rehabilitating a knee injury, has trained in a red shirt and has already participated in 11 vs 11 periods. This is strange because the red shirt indicates players who should not be touched. Midfielders and injured players wear the red jersey…

Safety Clayton Fidelm sat in Friday training with an unknown injury…

Although corner back Elijah Campbell is off the list of physically incapable, he hasn’t trained with his teammates yet.