Family Night recap: Packers’ Romeo Dobbs shines again

The Green Bay Packers The Lambeau Stadium filled with more than 50,000 fans on Friday, with many taking their first glimpse of the 2022 squad. The team appears to have avoided a major injury, which is the best thing that could happen in any August training, but that doesn’t mean all was nice.

Head coach Matt LaFleur was not happy with the team’s conditioning after training, claiming that the players were “running” at the end of training. This led to LaFleur calling for training to end a few minutes earlier, eliminating the team’s direct intervention period.

However, there were a lot of highlights coming out of Family Night and regional broadcasting meant that fans were actually able to record and distribute these plays, unlike normal practice. Finally, we got to see the plays we previously had to imagine through the tweets of music writers.

There were no changes to the team involvement that led to Family Knight except for outside full-back Randy Ramsey. Ramsey has just returned from a season-long ankle injury that cost him the 2021 season and put him on a list of physically unable to perform to start training camp. Running back Patrick Taylor (thigh), running back Keelen Hill (knee), receiver Christian Watson (pup, knee), receiver Malik Taylor (shoulder), receiver Osiris Mitchell (quadruple), tight end Robert Tonian (pup, knee), tackle David Bakhtiari (puppy, knee), forward frontman Elgton Jenkins (PUP, knee), forward frontman Cole Schneider (ankle) and corner back Keisean Nixon (NFI, thigh) remain out for training.


A chance to see four-time quarterback Aaron Rodgers is always an occurrence, but one of Family Night’s standout players was backup quarterback Jordan Love, who is entering his third season with the team. Love’s excitement began when he outplayed Rodgers by throwing nets in the air.

Love’s connection to seventh-round rookie Samori Toure, who has been working with backups for the entirety of the holiday, was evident early on. After training, coach Matt LaFleur stated, “It was impressive [Love]He was able to put together the last few practices.” Earlier this week, LaFleur claimed Love had had the best practice of his career in the Packers. With pre-season starting next week, Rodgers is unlikely to play and there is only one player on the roster, There will be plenty of opportunities for Love to make some high quality movies this summer.

With Taylor still in the back, uncut rookie BJ Baylor flashed. If Taylor and Hill are still out by week one, there’s a good chance the Packers’ return point will drop to Baylor or Tyler Judson, Players who may have been late a week ago But they are in a serious dispute to break the list as it is today.

This season, new offensive coordinator Adam Stinavic stated that he wants to get Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, perhaps the team’s best players in offensive skill, On the field together more in 2022. We’ve looked at this for at least one shot, when Jones did a jet-sweep out of alignment with an outside receiver while Dillon had his main blocker on the perimeter from off the field. If the play looks familiar, it’s because the packs played it around the same yard sign vs. Minnesota Vikings Last season.

Receivers / Narrow Ends

Romeo Dobbs? Yes, Romeo Dobbs. He did it again.

The fourth-round wide receiver powers every single workout, so much so that he was the first player mentioned during the Family Night broadcast. Everyone is excited about the Nevada product and that’s not going to change after his performance tonight.

Doubs, such as Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins, and Juwann Winfree, gained early insights using “People” as an external receiver. A narrow look at Isaiah Deguara, along with Lazard, Randall Cobb, Doubs and Amaro Rodgers, as early slot receivers. The broadcast indicated that the price of “Lazard” recorded at 227 pounds fell to 220 pounds this season.

At the narrow end, Deguara and Tyler Davis They were used as raw pass-capture tools for the first series, unsurprisingly. Davis and Marsdis Luis were the team’s first players, while DeGuara and Dominic Daphne played ball, split up, or both. The team appears to have made more full-backs in this practice than they usually did last season.

offensive line

Josh Nijman, John Runyan Jr., Josh Myers, Jake Hanson and Royce Newman (left to right) were the “starting” offensive line units of the day. In the second half of the practice, a rookie Zach Tom appeared in the fourth round as a correct tackle, pushing Newman inside for the right keeper and putting Hanson into the second string streak. That’s about par on the course, as these two lineups are what the team has been training for this week, as sophomore tackle Cole Van Lanen appears to be out of the race on the right starting assignment.

Round three rookie Shawn Ryan struggled some today with the second runners up, which may be why the team buried him in the depth chart. As the second team’s right-hand guard, he let go of multiple pressures and was called up for several on hold calls. Overall, the defense got the best of the offensive line, although Nijmann and Runyan had nice days.

line of defense

Defensively, the team lined up in various formations throughout the exercise. There were expected groups 3-4 and nickel, but penny formation It looks like it’s here to stay and the team has used a few pressure packs that put an inside full-back on the line of scrimmage.

The team’s primary line-up in their 3-4 defense was Dean Lowry, Kenny Clarke (on the nose) and Garan Reid, with Devonty White and Clark receiving some He finally settles down and TJ Slaton takes a look at the nose treatment. Clarke only saw the clicks at the end when Slatoon was up his nose. When the team wore nickels, Reed, Clark, Laurie, and Slatoon played inside with “those.”

White had a great day with fellow rookie Ryan. Rodgers noted on Wednesday that sometimes when “lights up“Some players are stepping up to the level of the moment. In front of over 50,000 fans, the first-round pick was his best practice of the summer, Per Andy Hermann from Packer Report.


At the outside centre-back, Jonathan Garvin and La Darius Hamilton saw the most shots with “those” behind starters Rashaan Gary and Preston Smith. This is a bit of a change of pace, as Tip Galeai was ahead of Garvin on the depth chart until recently.

The quarterback was perhaps the most boring position to track from a player engagement standpoint, with De’Vondre Campbell and Quay Walker capturing nearly all of the team’s shots with “those”. Campbell was the team’s singles quarterback in penny groups and also played quarterback Mike when Walker walked to the line of scrimmage in pressing packages. Walker will be the big body that will open things up for Campbell, not the other way around.


The corner setting gave us pretty much what we were expecting. Jair Alexander and Eric Stokes were the team starters outside the cornerback, and Messenger Douglas came off the bench to play the slot in subgroups. Later on in practice, Shemar Jean Charles got the outside back and back appearance while Rico Gavford also got the nod as an outside corner.

Kessian Nixon, who was the team’s fourth full-back in camp until his thigh injury, is set to return to the squad soon, which would be a good handicap for Jean Charles and Gafford. The team can keep six players on the roster, such as Nixon and Gafford, to contribute significantly to the special teams, but that’s not a certainty.

The only injury fear today is Darnell Savage’s descent. According to Rob Damofsky of ESPN, Savage was wrapping around his right hamstring after coming off the field. In the post-workout pressure, Lafleur said he doesn’t think Savage has sustained a serious injury and that Savage “doesn’t seem too nervous about it.”

In somewhat of a surprise, former draft pick Vernon Scott replaced Savage. Shawn Davis, picked by the Packers last season, had been getting most of the team’s third safety appearances up to this point in the summer. Like Cornerback, the numbers game in safety – four or five – will be important to keep track of in terms of the 53-man roster. Savage, rookie Adrian Amos, Scott, Davis, specials signed Dallen Levitt and draft specials Tariq Carpenter all stand a chance of staying on the first week roster.

special teams

If you don’t want to hear bad news, close the page now.

Punting team wasn’t looking very good today. There were more bad shots and penalties than you’d like to see, even in early August. Once again, the team’s best long snapper was Jack Coco, an uncut free agent signed after a practice session in May. Rookie Gabi Brickic, who “starts” in place of the injured Crosby, also had a difficult showing.

The good news is that the returnees looked good today and presented most of their returns in a clean manner. Dobbs, Rogers, and Ismael Heyman seemed to be coming back for games, even Rodgers had a nice comeback as he approached the ball at full speed to pull it off.