Jaiden Ausberry is committed to Notre Dame

Jaden Osprey (Photo: Andrew Ivins, 247 Sports)

Much of Ausberry’s early interest in Notre Dame and Ohio State were the coaches who served as a recruiting leader from the start.

In Notre Dame, it was Marcus Freeman, the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach at the time. In Ohio, he was the coach of the midfield players Al Washington. But in early 2022, after the junior football season at Osprey, there was a major shift in the roles of these coaches.

While Freeman became head coach at Notre Dame, he hired coach Washington as assistant coach in Irish defence. Meanwhile, Freeman hired two more jobs that caught Ausberry’s attention.

Taken together, Freeman and these three coaches made up what could be considered a dream team in the eyes of an aspiring NFL player. Ausberry met the four when he visited South Bend in March.

“Getting to see them all in the same place has been crazy to me because, you know, back in Ohio, coach Washington was so recruiting for me,” Osbury said in March. “And when Coach Freeman was the defensive coordinator at Notre Dame, he’d recruit me aggressively too. Now they’re there together.

Now this (Defensive Coordinator) Al Golden There, he’s a really good coach. He came from the Bengals and they went to the Super Bowl. It just shows you how good it is. and then you have James LaurinaitisPossibly the best quarterback in Ohio State history. Play in the league. So, you know, there are a lot of tools out there to help me out on and off the field.

“I was in a meeting. I was just listening to what he (Golden) said, how he was teaching the players. He knows what he’s talking about. I can tell he was in the bigger levels of the bigger stages because the way he teaches the game is very good. He knows what he’s talking about. .

“Until getting to know him as a person, he is a really good, lively guy. I like the way he handles things and things like that.”

After that trip, Ausberry explained that one of the highlights was watching the spring exercise. He noted his admiration for how coach Freeman handled the top job.

Also talk about spending time with the potential client Brylon James who was born in Louisiana and grew up a fan of LSU. He named several Irish new students with whom he communicated.

I spent some time with Jaylen SneadAnd the Jaden Mickeyback walls price… and Tyson Fordtoo,” Ausberry explained in March. “I had dinner with them.

“He’s been really cool. They’re fine guys. They’re really smart footballers. You know she fits the Notre Dame standard. It really makes me think if I’d be in that situation one day too. So, it was really cool to hang out with them.”

Fits the trainers. Ausberry gets along well with current freshmen, too. And when he returns to Notre Dame in June, his interest is growing.

By then, Ausberry had made unofficial visits to Auburn where his brother was a safe student, and to Miami.