Jimmy Johnson laughs at Jerry Jones for a cowboy trick


If Jimmy Johnson was upset that Jerry Jones suggested the former Dallas coach was “crying” about not yet being included in the Cowboys’ Ring of Honor, he didn’t show up on Thursday.

Talking about “Dan Le Petard showJohnson scoffed at Jones’s recent remarks which disagreed with a number of Cowboys fans.

“I had to look up that word in the dictionary,” Johnson laughed. “I don’t know I’ve cried before. Did you remember me crying before? No way.”

The 79-year-old former Cowboys coach, who captained the Jones-owned team Two consecutive Super Bowl wins Before pushing the dispute between them Amazing departure In 1994, he was responding to a question about comments Jones had made several days earlier. In an interview with Dallas-Fort Worth Station KXAS-TVJones was asked about the fact that he didn’t put Johnson on the team honor ring – an apparent remnant of their decades-long feud that Jones was told came as “too petty” to many observers – despite awarding this degree of immortality to many other notable members of the Dallas dynasty in the 1990s.

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“It’s a bachelor’s degree for anyone to make anything. [of it]. Jones replied then. “Now, when I put it in place, and the circumstances and what I do with it, there’s so much more than Jimmy to think about here. I have so many other lives here that I put so much on the field and that should be in this ring of honor as well. So how do I do that, what What I do with it, I can make that decision.

“At the end of the day, not everything is designed around whether or not Jimmy is crying.”

Johnson’s subsequent appearance on Le Batard came hours before the annual NFL Hall of Fame game and one year later The former coach enjoyed urging himself in Canton, Ohio. During a pre-show on Fox Sports ahead of the Hall of Fame Show competition last August, Johnson and Jones sat together at a panel that included Hall of Famer and TV personality Terry Bradshaw, who asked Jones when Cowboys owner Johnson would give the long-awaited team honor. Jones did not provide an exact date but confirmed that Johnson “will be in the ring of honor”.

“While I’m alive?” Johnson sarcastic.

On Thursday, Johnson referred to that exchange when asked if he thought Jones would put him in the Ring of Honor before he “dies.”

“He’s told me half a dozen times he’s going to put me to work,” Johnson said of Jones. That’s why I said, ‘While I’m alive?’ “You can never be certain. That’s his decision.”

Noting that the induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was the “ultimate” honor he could receive, Johnson added, “I’m happy where I am. I don’t have any deep feelings, like, ‘Oh, I gotta do this, I gotta do that.'” .” “

Amidst his complacency and humor as their long-running feud, Johnson couldn’t resist Jones’s notorious penchant for the spotlight.

“The only thing is, if he does that,” the former coach said of Jones finally putting him in the team’s ring of honor, “everyone will stop talking about it.”