Jimmy Robinson and Micah Bateman stand out on Day 7

Talhasi – The play will undoubtedly be used as a learning moment for other players Florida Next movie session.

yum robinson He flew across the field, and took control of it squared Ontaria Wilson He makes his way to the end zone. Wilson seemed to have a clear path to score during the red zone drill, but Robinson’s speed and effort put safety in place to get Wilson out of bounds and keep the leadership alive.

This hustle… that’s what Mike Norville Looking for every player in every moment. Although it was a successful play for the attack, the coach went out of his way to find Robinson and reward the effort with a pat on the helmet. Norville later brought up the sequence as a “teaching moment” for other players.

Robinson missed Norville for some time at the start of camp. Getting him back and healthy adds an extra element of speed in defense. The All-ACC’s pre-season selection made his presence felt in his first pre-season camp lined practice, with him blasting him into space. Robinson not only attacked play but also made a tough stop on the devious RB right-back. Lawrence Toafelli In space during team practice while he shot the slopes and covered the ground while staying in control.

Here are some other notes and takeaways from practice Thursday, the seventh day of camp…

** FSU was on a day off on Wednesday after an intense set of practices. Norville said he was pleased with the film’s day and liked the team’s location from an installation standpoint.

Returning to work on Thursday led to another day full of physical energy. Players enter the point at camp where they get a little extra chibi.

**This was the first day of camp that attraction was a problem for large lumps at the time of the crime. Norville noticed after practice that a few of the line workers had fallen and forced FSU to go deep into it in a few positions. He said he did not think the injuries were “extremely serious.”

** There was a back and forth between attack and defense in team rhythm drills at the start of the exercise. The defense got off to a strong start, only providing him with a small operating room Jordan Travis And crime…including a bag of EDGE Derek McClendon.

McLendon was very active back in the day with multiple pressures/bags in team practice.

Then Travis, however, responded with a beautiful mid-field toss to TE White Rector. The pass requires touch/accuracy to pass through traffic and was also a sport by Rector to get down and keep driving. WR Johnny Wilson also got his first catch by crossing the midfield.

However, the defense held because the attack could not enter into an accidental situation for the field goals of Ryan Fitzgerald Because he missed about 55 yards. He had enough leg to kick, but he stayed wide.

** WR johnny wilson He got involved early on, working in different parts of the field to show different sides of his game. There is a general surprise to him that is rare for a player of his size.

Wilson also had a great catch down the field and near the sideline in peripheral drills, ripping the ball off with one hand while twisting in the air. A good throw by Travis to get the ball where only the receiver can get it.

** WR Micah Bateman He had his best day in pre-season, especially working in the red zone training. The future of the diversion found different ways to score and open up, and he did some hunting on safe throws from Travis.

Bateman was having a rough day or two early at camp, but he was getting ahead… and got it all together on Thursday for a totally full practice.

** WR Darion Williamson Offside by CB Sam McCall For long descents in circumferential workouts, walking on the QB Gino English offers a nice deep ball.

**pound Amary Jenner Show a good blast to reach the ocean during ocean drills. He had a solid camp, and he did well on Thursday with some impactful games on the field.

** extra time Julian Armilla He gave a big boost to his new teammate Dante Anderson In running drills, he moved him about five yards from Anderson’s intended mark.

Armella received praise from DT Fabian Lovett After rehearsing his strength and general attitude as a beginner.

However, there are some growing pains for Armella (the novice is expected to be thrown into the big business). DE Jared Verse, who was outdone by Armella on Day 6 during a save drill, showed an extraordinary explosion and stopped the sudden run in a one-for-a-pass drill and pushed Armella to his butt. The two have been falling apart throughout the workout…Armila hasn’t held back, which sounds very encouraging. But there will be times when he will outdo a smarter player.

** Verse has been very active all day long.

** extra time Gasstone Torrentin He showed his strength as he lost his balance, regained traction and led a defensive end (can’t tell if that’s the case Patrick Payton Or Byron Turner with one arm.

Turnetine and Payton had some good back and forth play in 1v1s.

*s Sydney Williams Intercepted in 1 vs. 1s while bending under TE Markston Douglas To play the ball well.

** ST . Coordinator John Babuchis It was especially fiery today. The specials had a dull day on Tuesday, so it was clear the coach was pushing the group a bit more.

**pound Calin DeLoach He was productive with his indoor running drills and he even stopped nicely on Travis before his QB started… He managed to corner Travis a few times in that camp (not easy).

** Speaking of Travis, there was a play he stormed into the field and was legitimately laughing as the defenders tried to catch him before he ran out of bounds.

** DT Daniel Lyons Blink several times a day.

** In QB, Travis was very good for big stretches…especially in the red because he made quick decisions and was accurate in tight windows. This included some Pittman’s low throws and a shot from overhead to Wilson.

** QB AJ Duffy He continues to build his confidence. He showed some aggressive shooting on the field – he doesn’t always hit them, but his arm talent is obvious – and he was also sharp in the red zone drills in 7-for-7 seconds.

** It was tough on all the QBs on the day in team practice with poor pickup.

** WR Ontaria Wilson His big gain was leaving scouts scouting notes in the NFL. Good ball from Travis, but Wilson’s ability to move after a capture turned a fantastic win into a huge gain.

** CB Azaria Thomas Submit a great 1 vs 1 commentary on it Deus Span Down the field, clinging to his pocket, then timing the play perfectly to drop the ball to the ground.

** CB Garian Jones He continues to play well in space and forces no completion in 1 vs 1 second.

** RB Lawrence Toafelli Put the ball on the ground a few times after holding it clean for all campers.

** DTs Malcolm Ray And the Garrett Jackson It was constantly disruptive. Lovett deeply praised DT after practice.

** CB Sam McCall He made a superb display of the ball in the back of the end zone, splitting a pass Tate Roadmaker to me Kentron Poitiers. Norville ran to the new student’s corner and shouted, “Good job Sam McCall! ”

** CB greedy vance Was a really nice rep pressing WR Keyshawn Hilton Away from the ball in the end zone in the red zone.

**Helton had one of the best plays of the day, moving across the court and preparing for the ball as he slipped to stay within bounds near the sideline. It was a great effort, but also a tad big throw by Duffy.

** Rodemaker took a beautiful deep shot for Poitiers over the defense, but the receiver couldn’t pull it off.

** RB Rodney Hill Show gentle patience letting some blocks pop open before they explode into the open field. extra time Dattrey Richardson Making a major block to release it.

** IOL By Mitri Emmanuel And the Dylan Gibbons It’s clear that two of the most polished, strong, and physically fit men of clothing are on the list. They have always been solid in this camp.

** FSU returns to practice Friday morning before a Saturday evening brawl.

**NFL scouts from Tampa Bay Boss, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets were in attendance (most of the scouts we’ve observed train at this camp).