NASCAR DFS: FireKeepers Casino 400

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FireKeepers Casino 400

Site: Brooklyn, Michigan.
a path: Michigan International Highway
appearance: 2.0 miles elliptical D
windings: 200

NASCAR FireKeepers Casino 400 Race Preview

Another visit to the road course last week meant another win for Tyler Riddick. This was Reddick’s second series win, and they both participated in laps on the road. His victory kept the cut-off picture pretty much the same Ryan Blaney And the Martin Truex Jr. In the final transfer centers on points alone and Kevin Harvick From the outside looking inward. This week features a return to the high-speed ovals with Michigan International Speedway firmly on the horizon. Blaney is the defending winner for this race, and a successful defense of that win this weekend should stabilise the nerves of the match. But Blaney isn’t the only one feeling the pressure. The drivers still have four races to earn their way into the championship battle, and anything could happen as the regular season came to an end.

Key stats at Michigan International Speedway

  • Number of races: 104
  • First place winners: 21
  • Top 5 winners: 62
  • Top 10 winners: 78
  • Winners of 21 or less: 7
  • Fastest race: 173.997 mph

10 Past Michigan Winners

2021 – Ryan Blaney
2020 2_ Kevin Harvick
2020 first – Kevin Harvick
fall 2019 – Kevin Harvick
Spring 2019 – Joey Logano
fall 2018 – Kevin Harvick
Spring 2018 – Clint Boyer
fall 2017 – Kyle Larson
Spring 2017 – Kyle Larson
fall 2016 – Kyle Larson

The closest circuit to Michigan the NASCAR Cup Series has raced this season is Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. This track hosted the second race of the season and was notable in the number of laps and accidents that occurred over the weekend as drivers adapted to the characteristics of the new car. The teams have better grip on the car now, but engine power and handling will be the keys to victory this week. The track has a preferred line, but the wide turns enable drivers to operate different lines based on maneuverability. This property also allows for a lot of passing, which creates close races all over the field. Pitting under the green is less of a penalty than some of the shorter circuits, too. The long path can also make strategy an important factor. Multiple races in the past have increased your mileage. Usually, though, periods of caution can round out strategies and make it more of a track position battle. For this reason, teams should focus on the pace of the short and long term.

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DraftKings Value Picks for FireKeepers 400 (Based on Standard $50,000 Salary Maximum)

DraftKings Level 1 Values

Chase Elliot – 10,900 dollars
Kyle Larson – 10,700 dollars
Kyle Bush – 10,500 dollars
Denny Hamlin – $10,000

DraftKings Level 2 Values

Martin Truex Jr. – 9500 dollars
Ryan Blaney – 9300 dollars
William Byron – 9200 dollars
Christopher Bell – $9,000

Level 3 DraftKings values

Joey Logano – 8800 dollars
Daniel Suarez – 8600 dollars
Kevin Harvick – 8400 dollars
Alex Bowman – 8200 dollars

DraftKings Long-Term Values

Austin Cendrick – 7700 dollars
Chase Brisco – 7500 dollars
Bubba Wallace – 7400 dollars
Chris Bucher – 7100 dollars

NASCAR DFS Choices for FireKeepers 400 Casino

Low Risk List (maximum salary $50,000)

Kyle Larson – 10,700 dollars
Ryan Blaney – 9300 dollars
Daniel Suarez – 8600 dollars
Austin Cendrick – 7700 dollars
Chris Bucher – 7100 dollars
Ty Gibbs – 6600 dollars

Three-time winner Michigan Kyle Larson ($10,700 CAD, $13,000 fed) The victory could be used to regain some momentum and build consistency before the playoffs begin. He drove 28 laps to victory at Fontana and finished third on his last two visits in Michigan. Defend the winner Blaney ($9,300, $11,000 fed) He needs a win to get his supplement questions out of his mind. He’s been fast all season but needs some better luck. With two top five finishes in Michigan’s last three races, he could be in contender for Victory Lane this week. Fantasy players will remember Daniel Suarez ($8,600 CAD, AU$9,000) in position to win at Fontana. The win didn’t come next, but it’s one this season. This path should present the same opportunity to end itself as well. Trackhouse Racing has been consistent all season, and this could be another chance for Suarez to race ahead. While this will be Austin CendrickMichigan’s first series starts ($7,700, CAD 7,200), and we know Team Penske has the horsepower to win this season. He finished 12th at Fontana in February and has always been in the top 10 since June. Another team that has shown the ability to run at the front is RFK Racing and Chris Bucher ($7,100, $6,200 CAD). He finished 15th in this race last year and should be able to do more with this year’s gear. Ty Gibbs ($6,600, $7,500 fed) will be Toyota’s only pick this week. He will make his third series begin to fill the wounded Kurt BuschAnd he really does attract attention with his race. He finished 16th and 17th in his first two races, which is great because he’s never driven this Cup Series car before. Fantasy players should trust that he can do better this week and finish in 15th place.

High-risk lineup (maximum salary $50,000)

Ross Chastain – $10,000
Martin Truex Jr. – 9500 dollars
Kevin Harvick – 8400 dollars
Alex Bowman – 8200 dollars
Bubba Wallace – 7400 dollars
Austin Hill – 6400 dollars

Ross Chastain($10,000 CAD, $12,000 fed) The last two finishes don’t reflect how well he raced. He was in a position to win both times but came out with poor results. If things go better in the last few miles of each of those races, this week he could enter a streak of eight straight top ten races. Fantasy players should expect him to be in contention for the win this week, but he’ll need to avoid getting caught up in a showdown with NASCAR officials as well. Denny Hamlin. Winning this week will definitely help Martin Truex Jr. ($9,500 Canadian, $10,500 Fed) They’re sleeping better in the next few weeks. He still hasn’t visited Victory Lane this season but he wasn’t far from the target. He has never won in Michigan but has placed third or fourth in four of the last five races there. Harvick ($8,600 CAD, $8,500 AU) is a five-time Michigan winner and needs to win as badly as Truex. Fantasy players probably won’t want to overtake him this week after he has finished first or second in five of the last seven races in Michigan. Alex Bowman ($8,200 DKK, $8,800 FED) can also be used as a down payment. He’s not despairing of victory, but he also hasn’t finished in the top ten since May. His Hendrick Motorsports engine should be an advantage for him this week to get back into the top 10 and start building more confidence in qualifying. On the other end of the momentum spectrum Bubba Wallace ($7,400 Canadian, $7,800 fed). Wallace is now 20th in points after three consecutive top 10 spots. This is the best form of his career, and he should feel confident to snatch the other top 10 players this weekend. finally, Austin Hill ($6,400 CAD, $5,500 ransom) will appear in his series this week for Richard Childress Racing. He’s competing in his first time in the Xfinity Series and already has two wins under his belt. Like Gibbs, Hill must be a reliable driver aiming to do all the laps and deliver what the equipment allows safely.

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