Notes from the UW Huskies’ first practice for pre-season camp

If you ignore the lack of fans in the stands, the fact that the players were not wearing platforms, or the apparent absence of a real opponent…

Felt like a fall Saturday inside Husky Stadium.

That’s because Kalen DeBoer’s first pre-season workout was greeted with a sudden bout of Pacific Northwest weather, as rain fell on the grass inside Husky Stadium on Thursday. But that didn’t bother junior quarterback Michael Bennix Jr., who took the vast majority of shots with starts and made a host of impressive finishes.

Bennix – entering August locked in a quarterback competition with sophomore Dylan Morris and freshman Sam Howard – dropped a rainbow into the arms of red-shirt rookie wide receiver Jay Lyn Polk for a 45-yard touchdown, although cornerback Michelle Powell was Wearing your pee back like a cloak. Moving 6-foot-3, 213 Pounder, Indiana was certainly the UW’s most consistent quarterback on Thursday, adding a pair of 40 yards from wide receiver Roma Odunze as well.

Morris grabbed the majority of second-team shots and succumbed to a pair of interceptions — an impressive pick that freshman Tristan Dunn jumped into to fish in a solo drill, followed by a submerged deep ball with which Davon Banks fell into the corner. In front of the wide receiver Jabez Tinae along the side line in a brawl session.

Howard—the 6-2, 193-pound sophomore freshman and former five-star inductee—was the obvious No. 3 in the quarterbacks standings, even working with the scouts on a separate field during some first and second-team melee drills. But DeBoer confirmed after Thursday’s practice that it’s still a three-man race, and every quarterback will have at least two first-team representatives involved for at least the first week, when coaching staff may reassess if contenders begin to separate themselves.

Here are some other notes from Thursday’s practice.

starting lineups

The basic start on each side of the ball was as follows:

QB: Michael Benicks Jr.

Right-back: Wayne Duke

LT: Jackson Kirkland

LG: Troy Futano

A: Cory Luciano

RG: Henry Benevalo

SIRT: Roger Rosengarten

TE: Jack and Westover

WR: Rome Odunze, Jalen McMillan, Ja’Lynn Polk

DL: Tuli Letuligasenoa, Ulumoo Ale

Edge: Praline Trice, Jeremiah Martin

Left-back: Cam Bright, Alfonzo Topotala

CB: Michelle Powell, Jordan Berryman

Husky: Dominic Hampton

S: Alex Cook, Asa Turner

It’s worth noting that back-to-back Cameron Davis and right keeper Jerian Hatchett snapped some shots with the start as well.

Meanwhile, UW’s second-team offense consisted of quarterback Dylan Morris, backing off Will Nixon, wide receivers Tag Davis, Giles Jackson and Junior Alexander, tight ends Devin Culp and Quentin Moore, entering on left Julius Poelho, left goalkeeper Nate Callebaut, and quarterback Matthew Millie. , right guard Jerrian Hatchett and right tackle Victor Corny.

The defense of the second team appeared in the defense line, Foy Tonovi and Kwau Bihuba, and surpassed Zion Topola Fitoy and Savile Smalls, midfielders Christopher Mull and Carson Brunner, angles of Elijah Jackson and Davon Banks, Husky Kamrin Fabekulanan, Salama Cameron Williams and Julius Irvine.

It’s certainly worth noting that the first and second UW teams—Taulapapa and Nixon, respectively—were transfers involved in UW’s first practice, though clouds of Richard Newton’s limited availability have portrayed some. Newton wore a “limited” yellow jersey on Thursday and DeBoer said that would remain the case for a week or two.

It will also be interesting to see if right tackle Roger Rosengarten, full back Alfonzo Topotala and defensive line Olomoo Alli take their chances at the start. Mull will likely outpace Tuputala once UAB’s transition is stable at UW, while Ale will have to postpone Tunuufi, Peihopa, Faatui Tuitele and more.

It’s hard to see why Tupuola-Fetui continues to take on core cast members for the second team, which he also did for the majority of the spring. It may be that coach Eric Schmidt really considers Trace and Martin more capable, but time will tell.

extra points

  • On the injury front, Newton is still limited after tore his ACL last season, while Aaron Dumas has yet to make a full appearance for New Mexico either. Midfielders Edfuan Olofuchio and Dimaro King and defensive line Armon Parker were not featured on Thursday and are expected to miss the fall camp. DeBoer noted that Ulofoshio in particular will miss at least the first half of the season due to an injury sustained last winter.
  • Wide receiver Giles Jackson provided one of today’s plays, ripping off a would-be interception from Dyson McCutcheon’s hands on an ill-advised float of the Huard.
  • Odunze, Jackson, McMillan, Nixon and wide receiver Brennan Holmes all got the kicks back on Thursday.
  • Edge Jeremiah Martin was credited with the first fall camp sack, breaking the line to the Penix corral.
  • Hampton – Husky 6-3, 221 pounds – overcame a block to swallow Macmillan to tackle the loss on a wide receiving screen. From a physical standpoint, few inside Husky Stadium are more impressive than Hampton.
  • One of the scouts from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — who drafted Joe Tryon and Cade Otton in the previous two tournaments — attended training Thursday and stood on the sidelines.