Only four members of the 2015 Royals are still active in the major tournaments

Eric Hosmer’s return to Kansas City this weekend – his first visit as an opposition player – has brought back some good memories of the royals’ glory years when they won back-to-back titles including a championship in 2015. It’s been seven years since that magical season, and everyone but The best player in the world championship, Salvador Pérez, has moved forward.

In fact, there are only four members of the 2015 roster on the major league rosters anymore, as indicated in a tweet by Josh Vernier of 610 Sports.

Hosmer signed with San Diego in 2018, but was traded to Boston last week after a disappointing stint with Padres. Mike Mustakas re-signed with the Royal Family in 2018, but they exchanged him for Milwaukee that summer and then signed a long-term deal with the Reds, scoring just 0.202/.290/.332 in 70 games this year. Johnny Koito went to the Giants with an injury-packed stint, but rebounded to become a strong player with the White Sox with a 2.91 ERA in 96 runs.

Greg Holland, Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar were on the MLB roster earlier this year, but Holland was abandoned in April by Rangers, Kane was set for appointment by Brewers in June, and Escobar was released by the Nationals last week. Danny Duffy is still technically on the list, but he’s been on the Dodgers’ injured list for the entire season. We can also technically count Adalberto Mondesi, who was not on the regular season roster but made his world championship debut, but is now on the injured list with the royals.

A few players from this team are still trying to get back into the major leagues. Brandon Finnegan – who was replaced with the Reds for Cueto that summer – bids Triple-A for the White Sox. Left-wing loyalist Scott Alexander is trying to rehab from an injury with the Dodgers. Aaron Brooks has offered some roles to the Cardinals this year and is currently on Triple-A. Michael Mario makes a bid for the best Tigers affiliate. Speedster Terrance Gore in the Mets – maybe we’ll see him in the post-season.

But many other players have moved on to the next stage of their careers. Drew Butera is the Bullpen Angels trainer. Christian Colon is a minor league coach at the Royals. Chris Young runs the Rangers organization as its general manager. Johnny Gomez participates in MLB’s Home Run Derby X competition.

Is it unusual for a championship team to age so quickly? commentator KCFan55 looked back at the last few pennant winners It found that 2015’s royals were older than any team that has won a trophy since then, with an average age of 29.2. Good teams tend to be older teams, and age comes for all of us eventually. If you look back at the 1985 Royale, there were nine players still on the active MLB rosters seven years later in 1992:

  • George Brett (still in the royal family)
  • Willie Wilson (athletics)
  • Lonnie Smith (Braves)
  • Jaime Quirk (athletics)
  • Charlie Lebrant (Breaves)
  • Brett Saberhagen (Mets)
  • Marc Jobicza (still in the royal family)
  • Danny Jackson (Cubs / Pirates)
  • Black Bud (giants)
  • Steve Farr (Yankees)

But 1985, the Royals were also distinguished by a very young staff – the average age was 25.8 compared to the 30-year average age for pitchers Royals in 2015.

Anyway, it was fun to see Eric Hosmer back in Kansas City, but it was also a reminder that time passes quickly, enjoy the good times while you can.