Red Sox release Jackie Bradley Jr

1:15 pm: The Red Sox announced the release of Bradley. He will now be free to sign with any team for a minimum protected league, with Boston staying on the hook for the remainder of his contract.

8:55am: Red Sox will hire a veteran player Jackie Bradley Jr. To set later today, Julian McWilliams reports from the Boston Globe.

Boston reacquires Bradley in an unusual deal sent Renfro hunter to breweries. The trade scooped the Red Sox team with a pair of odds, the hackers Alex Pinellas And the David Hamilton, the Sox saw in the second year of Bradley’s two-year contract, worth $24 million in the process. Effectively, the Sox bought a pair of young dropouts by bringing Bradley back into the fold and picking up the tab on his deal. Pinellas and Hamilton are ranked No. 22 and No. 26 in Boston, respectively, in the American baseball’s mid-season rankings for the farm system.

There was definitely a reason for the Sox to roll the dice on a Bradley reunion even after the awful 2021 show that saw him hit only .163/.236/.261 in 428 Brewer appearances. He remained an all-world defender on the field, chasing him with an average of 0.226 balls in play that sat 64 points below his career mark, and made tough contact with better-than-average rates (89.7 mph average exit, 40.3% hard hit rate). ). Of course, Bradley also came out on the 30.8% worst clip of his career in Milwaukee, walked the 6.5% worst of his career and appeared more regularly than ever.

Bradley wasn’t really hurt as such As badly as he did in Milwaukee, but the .210/.257/.321 slashes this season haven’t been enough to rebound to carry Bradley on the roster for the entire season. He’s been 42% worse than the league average with the bats, as measured by WRC+, and his defensive marks in midfield have fallen a bit this season (although he’s played on the right field more regularly anyway).

25 years Garen Duran He took over the club’s regular quarterback, and has had the bulk of his playing time there since mid-June. He didn’t quite light up the world, coming in at 0.232/.280/.384, but his wRC+ of 82 is still well ahead of Bradley, despite having worse defensive numbers. It looks like the club will continue to give him a bit of playing time for now to see how well he does. I got Boston Tommy Fam On Deadline, which likely played a role in knocking Bradley out of the outside corner picture. Fam, Duran and Alex Verdugo The regular rotation of the outside is likely to be with Jaylene Davis about as depth and Enrique Hernandez He joins the mix as soon as he returns from the infected list.

As for what’s happening now, there’s no way for Sox to make a deal since the deadline has passed. Their only options with Bradley are to make him compromise or release him. Bradley’s defense is sure to interest some other teams, but it seems unlikely that any team will claim it because of their poor offensive performance and contract status. He’s getting paid $9.5 million this year, leaving just over $3 million waiting to be paid. There is also a $12 million mutual option for 2023 with an $8 million purchase. Any team that makes a claim will be safe from this money. Even the clubs most interested in Bradley will likely wait for him to clear concessions, at which point he can pick a free agency and sign a league minimum prorated with the Red Sox on the hook for the remainder of the term.

In the short term, the trade definitely looks like a bug in the Sox game, with Renfroe enjoying a solid season for the Brewers. He made 19 home runs and made .246/.299/.508 cuts for the WRC+ out of 120. However, the long-term evaluation of the deal will depend on future development of Binelas and Hamilton.