Should the Knicks keep Julius Randle if they replace Donovan Mitchell?

With the possibility of having New York Knicks Trading with Donovan Mitchell seems rather realistic, this question needs to be asked: Should the Knicks keep Julius Randle if they can trade for Mitchell?

While this scenario could work both ways, I think it would be better to go with Randle. This is because not only will Release the ball to Mitchell and RJ Barrettbut will also give Obi Tobin more minutes if he stays in New York.

The argument to keep Randle or go forward could go both ways regardless of whether or not Knicks pull off a deal for Mitchell. And while Randle has been passive in two of his three seasons with the team, he still has the potential to turn things around.

This is why the Knicks should consider moving on from Julius Randle if they trade with Donovan Mitchell

At the end of the day, the simplest reason why the Knicks should trade Randle in the Donovan Mitchell deal scenario is what I mentioned earlier. It would save the ball for the newly acquired Mitchell, while also making room for Barrett and Jalen Bronson as well as other players on the team.

In addition, Randall makes a lot of money, because he will earn $23.7 million in 2022-23. If they decide to trade for Mitchell, they will have a lot of money on their hands with Bronson’s contract, Mitchell Robinson extension, and the $30 million that Donovan Mitchell is set to make next season. Not to mention the eventual contract extension that Barrett deserves, which could be worth more than $30 million a year.

Despite how weak Russell Westbrook is on the team, the Knicks will likely swing into a swap deal for Randle to eventually buy Westbrook. This move would remove an absurd amount of cover space for the Knicks. However, that’s unlikely, as Westbrook likely won’t accept the takeover, but if such a scenario becomes a possibility, the Knicks should consider it seriously.

While keeping Randle can work perfectly, because I believe he can thrive in an off-ball system, the odds of accepting this are not only likely to be slim, but the implications of the contract make sense of Randle’s trading.

Besides this, Randall lack of shooting That would make the lineup spacing a bit more complicated. If he somehow manages to get back to his level in 2020-21 where he shot 40% of three, the Knicks would benefit massively. The odds of this are pretty small, as Randle has been a bad shooter all of his career off that season.

Combining Randall and Robinson in the frontal zone could seriously compromise the Knicks’ offensive efficiency, as a lack of spacing would clog the paint. This will make it difficult for Barrett, Mitchell, and Brunson to find open paths to the edge.

If the Knicks were to trade Randle, it would also make room for third-year player Obi Tobin. He’s a player who showed a lot of promise when he got big minutes last season. Not only will replacing Randle with Toppin speed up the attack, Toppin is also a better shooter while also having the potential to be much better than Randle.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to the Knicks what they decide to do with Randle if they trade for Mitchell. While things can work out on the field, complications off the field can derail a successful career with Randle on the team.