Why Philadelphia Eagles Players and Coaches Are Going Out to Protect Galen Hurts At Any Cost – Philadelphia Eagles Blog

Philadelphia – Late slam dunk at Quarterback Eagles Galen Hurts By New York Jets linebacker Quincy Williams In Friday’s pre-season game, coach Nick Siriani went into a frenzy. Enraged by the play on the opposite sideline as Williams blasted off to Horts with an out-of-bounds blow, Siriani stormed the field and hurled a string of … Read more

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FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts. Quick-impact thoughts and notes about the New England Patriots and the NFL: 1. The Challenge of Change: One of the reasons Bill Belichick has traditionally promoted from within his coaching staff is to appreciate continuity, and players not having to learn a new system with each change. Offensively, this resulted in Charlie Weiss … Read more

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6:00 a.m. ET Stephen HolderESPN WESTFIELD, Ind. For the fans, questions about the 2021 NFL race leader’s workload Jonathan Taylor This season is mostly related to fantasy artifacts and our general obsession with statistics. But for Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich, the questions about his star’s comeback are more existential. In fact, they are at … Read more

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Green Bay, Wes. – Romeo Dobbs He wasn’t sure what would happen when Randall Cope He sent him down the hall at Lambeau Stadium after early training at Green Bay Packers training camp. Ask a question in the receivers meeting room. “We said, Roe, go into the middle room and ask Aaron that question and … Read more

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Englewood, Colorado. – So far during Denver Broncos training camp, when our quarterback Russell Wilson In trouble he constantly resorts to a single receiver. When he gets confused, rushes and gets kicked out of his place, when he really needs to complete, Wilson looks to Cortland Sutton. “[Sutton] “We’ve had some really good fights, getting … Read more

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