Flow wars are over

New York CNN Business – In November 2019, Disney appeared +triggering so-called live broadcast wars and prompting companies across the media world to spend billions of dollars to launch services to take over. Netflix. Netflix was seen as an existential threat to the old media industry, so its strategy of increasing subscribers was the only … Read more

Meta’s new chatbot didn’t take long to say something offensive

CNN Business – Meta’s new chatbot can be convincing Mimic the way humans talk on the Internet – for better and for worse. In conversations with CNN Business this week, the chatbot, which was released publicly on Friday and dubbed BlenderBot 3, said it identifies as “alive” and “human,” watches anime and has an Asian … Read more

Elon Musk cited this tool in a bot dispute with Twitter. Its creator has ideas

New York CNN Business – Kaicheng Yang, a researcher at the Indiana University Social Media Observatory, received a big surprise last week. potometera tool he helped build to check automated activity on Twitter, was mentioned in court documents in the legal battle between Twitter and Elon Musk over $44 billion acquisition deal. musk , Who … Read more

Elon Musk’s legal team has provided its official response to the Twitter suit

New York CNN Business – Elon Musk’s legal team on Friday announced its official response to the lawsuit brought by Twitter in an effort to force it to complete $44 billion acquisition Deal. In responding to Twitter’s complaint, which includes counterclaims against the company, Musk’s team is trying to refute the company’s allegations that the … Read more

Twitter summons Elon Musk partners as legal battle rages

New York CNN Business – Twitter has summoned a number of Elon Musk associates, according to court filings and public statements, as the company presses ahead with its legal battle against billionaire Tesla over his attempt to wind down its $44 billion takeover deal. The list of those who received subpoenas includes several prominent investment … Read more