How KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is adopting the leadership role

How KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is adopting the leadership role

Joseph Street In a recent photo shoot that followed a training camp workout, Chiefs coach Andy Reed took turns through a series of offensive plays, pausing to pick out the finer details — footwork, trajectory accuracy, quarterback reading evolution and the like. Offensive coordinator Eric Benemi took a turn after that, then quarterback coach Matt … Read more

Ranking all 32 NFL teams by their under-25 talent in 2022

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What is behind the number? 15 rookies explain why they chose their NFL uniform number

August 5, 2022 NFL NationESPN NFL players and their military numbers are closely related. Numbers are how fans quickly identify the players on the field. They become a part of every player’s personality, and fans shake them with pride when they wear the NFL jersey. Sometimes numbers become a famous brand, like the Tampa Bay … Read more

The overhaul of the Kansas City Chiefs’ quick offensive line exceeded almost all expectations – Kansas City Chiefs Blog

Street. Joseph, Mo. The Kansas City Chiefs had high hopes for their offensive line last year after they invested heavily in the center pool after the unit’s inundated Super Bowl LV loss. They spent their free agency dollars on the left guard Joe ThuneDraft Circulating for Left Handling Orlando Brown Jr.. From the Baltimore Ravens, … Read more