Kobe Bryant helicopter crash: the former fire captain repeatedly left the witness stand while testifying

Angels CNN – A former Los Angeles County fire captain left the witness stand three times while testifying on Monday while being questioned about whether he had taken pictures of Kobe Bryant’s remains at the scene. 2020 helicopter crash Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven others were killed. Citing work-related stress in the accident, … Read more

Kobe Bryant: They arrived at the crash site, then set off a chain reaction that led to a horrific court case

Angels CNN – Amid thick fog and a thick brush, eight members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department set out on foot over the remote terrain of the Santa Monica Mountains. It was around 10am on January 26, 2020, and a helicopter had just crashed. Smoke filled the air and first responders didn’t know … Read more

Eyewitnesses shared photos of Kobe Bryant crash scene during award ceremony hour

CNN – A Los Angeles County firefighter shared photos taken at the site of a fatal helicopter crash that killed NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others during the cocktail hour at an awards ceremony a month after the crash, according to witness testimony. On Wednesday, the trial began to Federal civil lawsuit … Read more

5 things to know on August 11: gas prices, Trump, Indiana explosion, taxes, North Korea

CNN – Summer travel season is in full swing, so here’s an important tip before your next overseas trip. Before entering the US with any food products, make sure they are not banned or restricted. US border officials recently Pay huge fines – Sometimes thousands of dollars – for travelers carrying unauthorized food items in … Read more

Elon Musk’s legal team has provided its official response to the Twitter suit

New York CNN Business – Elon Musk’s legal team on Friday announced its official response to the lawsuit brought by Twitter in an effort to force it to complete $44 billion acquisition Deal. In responding to Twitter’s complaint, which includes counterclaims against the company, Musk’s team is trying to refute the company’s allegations that the … Read more

Twitter summons Elon Musk partners as legal battle rages

New York CNN Business – Twitter has summoned a number of Elon Musk associates, according to court filings and public statements, as the company presses ahead with its legal battle against billionaire Tesla over his attempt to wind down its $44 billion takeover deal. The list of those who received subpoenas includes several prominent investment … Read more