Eagles Training Camp 2022 training notes, Day 10: Jalen Hurts lets rip

Eagles Training Camp 2022 training notes, Day 10: Jalen Hurts lets rip

Day 10 of the 2022 Philadelphia Eagles bootcamp is in the books, and it was short, with the birds only training for an hour. The next time the Eagles take to the field competitively will be Friday in their first pre-season game against the New York Jets. • Nick Syriani He said before practice today … Read more

Aidan Hutchinson sings Billie Jean in Hard Knocks: Video

Aidan Hutchinson sings Billie Jean in Hard Knocks: Video

1. The new season of strong blows She got off to a great start last night thanks to rising Lions defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson. Singing for beginners during boot camp was a staple of strong blows Throughout the show’s history, however, the Michigan star took things to another level with his thrilling rendition of Michael … Read more

Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson’s behavior was ‘outrageous’ and ‘predatory’

Editor’s note: This story contains accounts of sexual assault. If you or someone you know is a sexual assault survivor, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 4673-656-800-1 or at https://www.rainn.org NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called Deshaun Watson“Terrible” and “predatory” behavior Tuesday in response to a question about the resumption of the league Disciplinary officer’s … Read more

Baker Mayfield changes Ben McAdoo’s mind with the Panthers

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo mirrors his trajectory in his tough initial assessment of quarterback Baker Mayfield. McAdoo poorly criticized Mayfield’s playing and measurements as the Oklahoma producer was preparing to enter the 2018 NFL Draft. Now that a closer look was taken at the signal caller, it seemed as if his opinions had … Read more

Broncos Ownership Approved: Rob Walton, the Penner Family Officially Begins a New Era

Bloomington, Minnesota — Members of the Broncos arrived in this lake-drenched area one year ago this week as a streak mired in uncertainty. When they started a pair of joint training camps with the Minnesota Vikings, they were in the midst of starting quarterback competition with no long-term answer in position in sight. The seriously … Read more

Quarterback Mac Jones is confident the New England Patriots will “grow” under a new offensive staff

Foxboro, Massachusetts – New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones He admitted the struggles as the team moved to a “new attack”, but expressed confidence that things would change. “I’ll find out. I’ve always done it. I will always do it,” Jones said on Tuesday after training the Patriots 11th in bootcamp. “At the end of … Read more