Five Moments That Connect Kevin Durant to the Toronto Raptors

Kevin Durant has been linked in many different ways Raptors For nearly a decade. with Toronto Still among the serious contenders For the 12-time NBA All-Star who requested a deal from Brooklyn, we look at five moments that connect the Raptors franchise to Durant: long term relationship In 2013, long before the Raptors began the … Read more

Kyle Lowry pushes the odds that derail the season

Kyle Lowry He was relaxed, smiling, and totally joking about in a brief informational session at the Nick Nurse Corporation golf tournament. It was Beck Laurie—”Make it a good question,” Josh said at one point. “I wear a jacket, I want the heat,” he later added in a cold, cloudy part of the session on … Read more

Nick a nurse prepares for the challenge of handling the Raptors seat

Questions will come fast and furious and from every angle. Nick Nurse knows this, and is ready to attack. They will be brought up in an accusatory manner, with a real desire to learn and have their mind set Raptors Fitness Trainer. It will just be a function of the current makeup of the team … Read more