Takeaway from the updated 2022 roster for the Michigan football team

The Michigan Wolverines The soccer team kicked off fall camp on Wednesday, and the competition between players is expected to be intense.

Speaking of the roster, the show has updated their roster for the upcoming season, and there were a few interesting things that caught my eye. This is what emerged:

Mike Sainristil is officially listed as DB/WR

The five-year-old who has played extensively in his collegiate career throughout his collegiate career appears to be in a long row of playing time on the defensive side of the ball this season. Sainristil impressed his coaches and teammates alike during the spring while playing in the nickel corner, and had some really great plays in the televised spring game.

Now, he is officially listed as a defensive and wide receiver in the updated list. “DB” appears first next to its name, which can only be alphabetical, but may also indicate where it will be set to receive the bulk of its snapshots this year.

Kalel Mullings, who played both linebackers and linebackers this spring, is only listed as a linebacker on the updated list. Mullings can still play both this year but at the moment, Sainristil is the only official two-way player for the Wolverines.

Tyler McLaurin, Micah Pollard listed as edging

The freshman from Bolingbrook, Illinois, came to Michigan as a linebacker and was listed on the linebacker last year, but McLaurin is now a feature on the new list. Real freshman Micah Pollard is an advantage too; He was recruited to Ann Arbor as a linebacker.

McLaurin is 6-foot-3, 231 pounds and Pollard is 6-foot-2, 202 pounds, so these two guys are completely different players right now. I imagine McLaurin will be queuing up for some picks at center back/spot slob David Ojabo who excelled last season, but I fully expect this to be Jaylen Harrell’s job in 2022.

Since he’s stuck behind the above guys, and on the lighter side, I would expect Pollard to be behind K. and be in the strength and conditioning program.

The real first layer is bulging, extruded, yolk

These guys are torn.

Despite that, it’s actually crazy how physically gifted this group is.

Let me just name a handful: The Darrius Clemons wide receiver is listed at 6-foot-3, 214 pounds. Defensive tackle Mason Graham is 6-foot-3, 317 pounds. Defensive end Derek Moore is 6-foot-3, 279 pounds. Defensive linebacker Damani Dent is 5-foot-11, 196 pounds and ripped from his mind. Linebacker Deuce Spurlock is 6 feet tall and 231 pounds. Linebacker Jimmy Rolder is 6 feet 228 pounds tall.

I don’t want to make it seem like this is the end of it all, be everything to the footballers, because it isn’t, but it sure is nice to see that there won’t be a lot of strength and conditioning and a fair amount of real freshmen.

Further gains in height/weight

Blake Corum ran 10 pounds this season, up to 210 pounds. and here Certainly not look Like bad weight.

McCurry Big Safety is an inch, at 6-foot-4, and is now 200 pounds, compared to 192 last season. He could very well have more playing time this year after the departures of Brad Hawkins and Daxton Hill.

Safety Rod Moore, who missed the spring due to injury, has weighed more than 12 pounds since last season and is now up to 185. The aforementioned Big is his biggest competition.

Linebacker Junior Coulson is now 235 pounds, up 10 pounds from last season. His quarterback counterpart, Nikai Hill-Green, gained 12 pounds from last season and now weighs 232. They could both have a monster season with Michigan, but Coulson has star potential written all over him.

– Tight end, Eric first went up 10 pounds and is now 255. Another good season that could make him a very rich man this time next year.

Defensive end Mike Morris is probably America’s biggest forward, listed at 6-foot-6, £292. Comparisons have been made with Chris Wormley on Maize n Brew Slack.

– Defensive tackle Kris Jenkins’ price went up by 10 pounds to 285, and he claimed on Twitter that it’s actually 290. Regardless, he’s committed to a breakout season in 2022.

– Defensive end Julius Welshoff lost 22 pounds, down to 266 from 288 last year. He played a hybrid in 2021, but Welshoff looks set to play a time on the edge only in 2022.

– Defensive tackle Mazie Smith is a man on a mission, and that mission is to kill anyone with a soccer ball. He is now 6ft 337lbs, up 11lbs from the previous season.

Real offensive tackle for freshman Andrew Gentry is listed at 6ft 7 and 312lbs. Gentry was originally going to play in Virginia, but he moved to Michigan before he even played for UVA. He retracted his LOI after giving up Broncos Mendenhall last season.

Rookie left-hander Trevor Keegan lost 19 pounds, dropping to 305 from 324 last year.