The Angel’s swamp creature tempts the Mariners to join them in the mud, crushing M for a 4-3 loss

They showed poorer capitalization than undergraduates who base their writing style entirely around Ernest Hemingway’s influences, Seattle Mariners He lost to the Anaheim Angels 4-3 on Friday night. The powerful night crowd of 42,000 fireworks was ready to triumph over a happy comeback, or really any offense whatever it might relieve the tension. Instead, they were treated to a true clunker, ill-fitting to the dominant performance that Seattle received from their big off-season addition.

Robbie Ray was strong, close to excitement. Revitalized by a combination of his club’s acquisition of another ace, a return to the friendly frontiers of T-Mobile Park, and (most relevant) a lack of confrontation Houston Astros Any more. He hit 10, a level he’s reached four times this year, while only allowing one run, crossed Luis Rengivo with a single from Joe Adele in the first half which would be his only drawback. In action 7.0 strong tires, he helped save his fold while also keeping the club in the game. While Ray was forced by the infuriated Houston Astros to bring his tunes over the heart of the board while spitting on his efforts to get them to chase them, Anaheim made no such reservations, they took after Ray’s slide like greyhounds.

Unfortunately, M’s offense made no progress in stopping the end of the deal. Despite the brutality of Angels LHP Patrick Sandoval, 10 LOBsters are stranded in Seattle, clicking their claws in the wind after a pair of double plays and an empty chance laden with rules. Sandoval’s quality should not be overlooked; The left-back is the only player left in Anaheim with real quality behind Shohei Ohtani, due in large part to his ability to get the ground players to erase his free-pass ailments. But in not punishing the mistakes left by Sandoval, Seattle left the door open for the deadly club of Angels to unnecessarily skip them.

In what can only be interpreted as a statement of sorts by Scott Service to his offense, and possibly the front office, M manager went to left-wing Ryan Borucki in ninth after Eric Swanson skated for eighth without a goal. With the score still 1-0 and two left in the frame, it’s not hard to understand why Service would want to include him on the left. On the other hand, Boruki is the club’s best player and only southern ball in the pen is a restriction of the club mostly locked in at this point. When the inconsistent 28-year-old stumbles, as he did this evening with a pitch hit to Mickey Moniak followed by a correctly-swinging singleton Max Stacey, it’s hard to overlook that the football game in Seattle is currently a huge selection of effective bowlers. Almost the same profile. Sewald, Muñoz, Brash, Festa, and Murfee are all Fastball/slider connoisseurs with great performances, and they have each demonstrated the ability to handle high-leverage business. But if Seattle doesn’t trust them with the Lefties in one game on Day 9, or considers them to be inferior in at least a day off to Borucki, there is a wrench on the list as currently directed, exacerbated by the current situation. Six men rotate.

Fortunately, the Seattle bats woke up in a rage, and extremities akimbo tried to brush their teeth, put on their shoes, and pick out clean underwear in one fell swoop. Jesse Winker walked in, newcomer Jake Lamb made a stunning first impression on his homecoming debut with a single in the middle, and Adam Frazier stayed in second, scoring twice in the corner to tie the score 3-1. Ty France, bless his heart, made minor adjustments to what has been a hitherto largely disappointing comeback, cracking an unalterable single right after Jesse Chavez, particularly Raisel Iglesias.

France gets credit every time he hits one another way from one broadcaster or another for using the entire field, which is definitely a cool trait. But when it can really count, it’s moments like this, where many hitters have such inclinations that good communication is often a waste. Jesse Winker made roughly the same blow earlier in the match, but with a defender positioned just behind the cornerstone, it was simple. Not so for France, and that’s where Honore Eugenio Suarez came in. Despite all the fibers of desire in Dave Sims’ body and voice, 3B Volleyball couldn’t get past the warning path in the right field. extras was. It will be a loss.

I don’t have much to say about the events in the tenth. Paul Swald did a fine job, albeit frustratingly letting a lot of slide over the board with two strokes for Taylor Ward to allow for a strong sacrifice fly. Meanwhile, Seattle’s best savior came in and earned the ground, jump, and strike to 9-1-2 of the standings. Don’t catch mosquitoes when a bear gets in the way, they say. The Mariners’ offense is the bear in this case, except that the bear is usually intimidating, at least when encountered at night. Tomorrow we hope to see them roar.