The Yankees rotation has an interesting and poignant cut after the deadline

By most accounts, if not all, Brian Cashman and New York Yankees It was the deadline for a successful trade. They managed to bring in a replacement for combatant Joey Gallo, who sent him to Los Angeles DodgersThey also addressed the primary area of ​​need: promotion. Scott Evros and Lou Trevino are solid additions to the game’s roster, but today it would have looked like a failure had it not been for the acquisition of Frankie Montas. Despite executing one of the most confusing deals of the day, Jordan Montgomery sent for St. Louis Cardinals For defensive quarterback Harrison Bader, the Yankees got their man. Now that the Yankees have Montas in the lineup and Montgomery are out, what does their rotation look like after the deadline?

We can start at the top of the spin using the Gerrit Cole. Possessing one of the most impressive fastballs in all of MLB, the Ice Yankees have the things to win games. He’s a high-speed, high-strike shooter, and while there were some beeps on the radar, he had solid overall numbers in 2022. He posted 3.56 ERA (107 ERA+) with 2.72 xFIP (second best in the MLB) and 2.6 fWAR Before his start on Wednesday, he is the 16th highest in the MLB and the highest in the Yankees. The image below speaks for itself:

Gerrit Cole Statcast Data and Centennial Rankings
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The problems he encountered stem from his terrible run numbers. His HR/9 is the Yankees’ second-highest among eligible rookies, and as we’ve seen against Seattle Mariners, it cost the Yankees Games. No matter what, it will be the start of Game 1 in the post-season.

The new acquisition, Montas, will fill the next place in the rotation. For those still unfamiliar, the 29-year-old high-speed right-hander has an arsenal of five pitches—four-stitch speedball, finger splitter, drill, slider and cutter. In terms of stadium use, it has gradually changed. 2022 is the first season in which he shoots more fastball than any other stadium. He also threw his split finger steadily more while dipping into slider usage between 2020 (25.1 percent) and 2021 (13 percent), although it increased slightly to 15.1 percent in 2022. His use of the cutter has also risen.

Frankie Montas Statcast and Centennial Rankings
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As far as numbers go, Montas sits with a 3.18 ERA (118 ERA+) and a 3.35 FIP with fWAR 2.0, which would be the third highest among all Yankees pitchers. Replacing Severino with a player who has players chasing after him and almost matching him in terms of profile is perfect for the Yankees spin, especially when Severino comes back from his injury. There is less pressure on him to be a full-time player.

The third bowler in the spin isn’t someone considered “high-speed” by any means, Nestor Curtis Jr. The mustachioed Hazard on the Hill has had a career season showing that you don’t always need the best speed to control your hitters. With his highest average speed of 91.6 mph on the Fast Bowl and lowest of 77.5 mph on his slider, he brings plenty of variety to the Yankees’ spin.

Nestor Curtis Jr. Statcast Data and Centennial Rankings
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An interesting piece to this puzzle is how Boone will manage the starters and the trio when post-season comes along. The match will undoubtedly be a factor in the decision, but could we see Curtis start the second game as an attempt to shake off the timing of the opponent’s lineup with a bluffing throw that is more focused on location rather than pure speed? The good news is, whether he starts in Game 2 or 3, he will bring his unique style of presentation with him, and provide plenty of options for the Yankees.

The fourth bowler in the spin is Jameson Taeyeon, a bowler with good movement and turning numbers on his courts, but he also struggled during stretches throughout 2022. He owns a six-court combination with a four-pitch fastball, slide, curveball, cutter, sinker, and changeover.

Jameson Taillon Statcast data and centile rankings
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One of Taillon’s biggest keys is finding the fast ball and limited barrels. While the movement has been good and the turnover is still there, compared to 2021, the hitters are fighting against it better. There was a 0.055 point increase in hit average, decrease in hit rate, and whiff percentage. His kegs and kegs/PA is the second worst keg in his career. When his arsenal works to the best of its ability, Taillon can be a killer bowler, and we’ve seen that before. For now, it’s just a matter of addressing these related issues before match time.

The last place in the rotation is a bit of a neglect, but given the comments made by the Yankees brass, it seems Domingo Germán fills that role. Before the trade deadline, this would have been Montgomery’s place. There’s not much to say about the 30-year-old that hasn’t been said before. He’s not great and not of the bowler caliber you’d want for a post-season start.

Domingo Germán Statcast and Centennial Rankings
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Germán’s 7.30 FIP target in 2022 is very accurate, given his gameplay. It’s very easy to catch the fastball out of his hand, secondary and tertiary things aren’t bad but not good enough to use for innings in the post-season. Only 15.4 on the Fastball is embarrassingly low, especially when the exit speed and launch angle numbers are some of the worst in the career. There is a lot of room for improvement, but a player like Clark Schmidt will be more beneficial in the long run.

The Montgomery trade was confusing, but the Yankees cemented that second point in their rotation with Montas, and that was the point. There would undoubtedly be global confidence around the fan base if Germain were not to be the fifth initiator of the rotation, but no matter what, this rotation could remain deadly in the post-season. What they have is, for the most part, fine, but it’s also very rough around the edges.