Training Report from the Bulldogs Fall Camp (8/4)

Georgia Bulldogs returned to the training ground Thursday to open fall camp. The media were allowed to watch approximately 15 minutes of Thursday’s session.

As far as attendance goes, the only noticeable absence was a female student CJ Washington, who was not among the inner-back players during the session. However, Washington’s absence as head coach was no surprise Kirby Smart He explained again at SEC Media Days that there is still no timetable for his return after sustaining a head and neck injury during spring training.

“Yes, CJ is continuing to get a medical evaluation. It has been a difficult and slow process. It is not something to rush. I don’t know the outcome of that yet,” Smart said on July 20. He is recovering. He has shown improvement. X-rays showed improvement. He’s fully stable, he’s able to go to class, he’s out of his neck brace, but I don’t know when he’ll be able to come back. It’s not something we want to rush into.”

Restrictions were few and far between during Thursday’s session. The only players who wore black tight-fitting shirts were brit sinceWide reception, Mekhi Mews and defensive intervention Christian Miller. It is unclear what Seither has limited it; Miller dealt with an MCL sprain at the conclusion of his high school career, while Smart notes that Mews is back in his media days.

“There’s no one who won’t be released from fall camp. I think maybe one kid, Meuse—who is a good slot receiver—will be a little late. He’s got [labrum surgery] Smart said. “But we expect to be completely healthy.”

A few outstanding players who were likely to be restricted but not limited Darnell Washington and defensive back Tiki Smith. Washington and Smith worked with the closets in plain shirts rather than black contactless ones.

The offensive line was one of the key areas to watch on Thursday, and attendees got a sneak peek at the first-team unit. The line has been left from Thursday processing Broderick JonesLeave the guard Devin WillockCenter Cedric van BranRight keeper Tate Rutledge And the correct response Warren McClendon. Not only does this line-up show the kind of impression Willock made on coaches while playing right-back during spring training, but how far Rutledge has come since the Lisfranc injury he sustained last September.

There were a number of familiar faces at Thursday’s training alongside the players and coaching staff on the field. Follow the former Georgia full-back, Jarvis Jones, as the outside full-back along with the center coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe. previous walk Brother Hudson — who finished his career in Illinois — was on the sidelines, too. Hudson was part of a small crowd on the sidelines near the end of training, eventually joined by the current Georgia analyst and former offensive coordinator. Mike Bobo.

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