What is behind the number? 15 rookies explain why they chose their NFL uniform number

NFL players and their military numbers are closely related. Numbers are how fans quickly identify the players on the field. They become a part of every player’s personality, and fans shake them with pride when they wear the NFL jersey. Sometimes numbers become a famous brand, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom BradyTB12 for .

But how does a player end up with his uniform number?

We asked 15 NFL rookies why they picked their numbers while kicking off NFL training camp. Their answers include tributes to the family, respecting the NFL champions, making their own number and some hilarious ones, such as not really knowing Troy Aikman and the failed attempts to claim the number from a veteran teammate.

Here’s what’s behind the numbers:

Washington announced her new name in February, and a few months later picked Dotson with the 16th overall pick. Dotson wore the No. 5 in Pennsylvania but turned to indicate it was the leaders’ first choice and as a shout-out to KJ Humlera college teammate for two seasons, who wears the No. 1 Denver Broncos.

“I felt it was a perfect opportunity; he was the first ever enlisted captain in history, and #1 has always been a great number for me. One of my ex-college classmates, KJ Hamler, wore #1 and was like my older brother, my teacher, so getting #1 was wonderful.” – John Kim

Essentially, it was Ridder’s three-number pick – 4, 13 or 16 – and he went with the singles after he wore the number 9 at Cincinnati. He tried to get number 9 from the linebacker Lorenzo Carter – Sending a message immediately after the draft to dial the number – but was soon rejected.

What speed was dropped? She didn’t even get to the compensation part of the conversation. Reeder said he knew there was a financial figure – but he didn’t even want to ask what it was.

“I’m a frugal man,” Reeder said. “I think the number change can wait.” – Michael Rothstein

The fourth round of the Seahawks was named after copy printSo, why not wear one of the NBA legend’s numbers, too?

In fact, Kobe Bryant wore No. 7 for most of his college career before moving to No. 8 for what would be his last game in Cincinnati. The corner player had planned to ask the Seahawks if he could continue to wear the number 8, the number Kobe Bryant wore for the first half of his NBA career before switching to the number 24.

“But then they showed it to me,” Kobe Bryant said. “So it was as if it was just God’s plan from the leap. And so at the earliest [the team] She asked me if I would wear it, and I said, ‘Sure,’ without question.

Seahawks Cornerback Fellow Justin Coleman He had already been assigned number 24. – Brady Henderson

Brisker chose No. 9 to honor his late brother, Tale’, who was killed in 2015. The Bears wore No. 3 in high school, and No. 3 was also his brother’s number.

“I was just thinking 3 times 3 equals 9,” Brisker said. “He always finds a way to tell them he’s still here.” – Courtney Cronin

Watson was 82nd for a few days, but by the time he hit the junior camp field a week into the draft, he’d turned ninth.

“It was just kind of a shirt number that was immediately thrown at me,” Watson said. “At this moment I was just excited about enlisting and said, ‘Yeah, let’s go!'” Then I thought about it and said, “Do you have any other options?” So I asked what the other options were and decided 9″

Watson wore the No. 1 in North Dakota, but no one has worn that number at the Packers game since Curley Lambeau in 1926.

“I’ve obviously talked to a lot of people, but at the end of the day, I’m the one wearing the number,” Watson said. “It’s not really about the number, but the number 9 is the number.” – Rob Damofsky

Trek Hill He wore the number 10 for the leader for six seasons and quickly became the most recognizable player in team history to wear the number. But the Chiefs wasted no time after Hill traded to the Miami Dolphins in the No. 10 Novice running back Pacheco, a seventh-round pick.

“I definitely know who was wearing it,” Pacheco said. “I don’t feel any pressure.” “I’ve worn this number before, my first year in college, and did a great job with it. Not the number but the player, so I’m the guy who wears it.” – Adam Teacher

Hamilton wore a No. 10 in high school, but wasn’t attached to it when he arrived at Notre Dame. He never knew that the jersey number he got at South Bend would be so important going forward.

“When I got into college, I wasn’t really a great number one in the jersey,” said Hamilton. “I was assigned 14th and I said I was going to do the number myself, and I did.” “Then I was the 14th pick in the NFL Draft, and No. 14 was available in Baltimore. The stars aligned, so it made sense.” – Jamison Hensley

Williams had two options but eventually decided on number 18 as a reference to the Motown Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson, who wore No. 81 for black. So, her heart.

Also, his idol Randy Moss She wore No. 18 in 2005 and 2006 with the Oakland Raiders.

Williams wore No. 1 in Alabama, but appeared in Detroit Jeff Okuda He wouldn’t give it up for a novice despite his request.

“It was funny because Jammu went to Ohio State, and he saw me in first place, so it was hard to like, ‘Hey, brother, can I get your number you had in college?'” “It was a strange conversation, but he knows it’s all love,” Akulath said with a laugh. – Eric Woodyard

Tolbert wore the No. 8 in South Alabama and quickly knew he wouldn’t be No. 8 for the Cowboys. While the Cowboys don’t officially retire the numbers, Troy EkmanNumber 8 is prohibited, as is the number 12 for Roger Staubach and Emmett SmithNo. 22. So Tolbert No. 18 was handed over instead.

Since he didn’t play football until he was in high school, he said he doesn’t even know who Aikman is.

“I started football very late, I didn’t like the older guys,” he said. “Now that I’m in the game and learning more, I started coming back to watch like Randy Moss and things like that, but I honestly didn’t know who he was until it happened.” [and I got drafted]. ” – Todd Archer

When Austin picked out his shirt number, there wasn’t much open to the receivers. Austin doesn’t have a deep meaning behind his No. 19 pick, nor does he worry about the stress that can come from wearing a former Steelers wide receiver. jojo smith schusterold number.

“I’m sure most Stellar fans see the number 19, that’s the first they’ll think of, and that’s to be expected,” he said. “It’s just until I go in and show what I can do, and then hopefully they’ll think of me when they see 19.” – Brooke Pryor

After losing his first pick, No. 6, to the safety of the first round Louis CinemaThe third player chose Asamoah No. 33 to continue an unusual streak. The numbers for each number he wore in football were added to 6. He wore No. 6 in high school, No. 24 in Oklahoma and No. 33 in the NFL.

“I thought it would be 6,” he said, “but it’s okay.” – Kevin Seifert

Walker grew up in Thomaston, Georgia, so naturally he watched the Falcons play on Sundays. He liked to watch the full back Vic Beasleywho wore number 44, so this is the number he decided to wear when he attended Upson Lee High School.

Walker said, “It made me want a 44, so I stuck with it [in college at Georgia and now in the NFL]. “

Despite that, Walker got a break. back Jack Miles He’s been wearing the 44 since Jaguar drafted it in 2016, but they cut it off in March. Had they not done so, Walker would have had to go with another number.

“Whatever number they gave me, I would be willing to work with someone for whatever number I wanted in the future,” Walker said. – Michael de Rocco

Thornton did not choose 51; It was given to him by coach Bill Belichick as part of his annual spring tradition of assigning unconventional temporary numbers to beginners to remind them of what should be most important.

Thornton laughed when he first saw the 51 in his closet.

“It’s kind of big on me now,” he said with a smile. “But I’m going to shake it.” – Mike Reese

Number 54: Sam WilliamsD, Dallas Cowboys

Williams had visions of wearing a No. 7 or No. 13 with the Cowboys.

“But [Trevon] Diggs I got a 7,” Williams said.

And the Michael Gallup It is number 13.

“But he’s offended,” Williams replied. “You can have two.”

Unlike college, there is no doubling of numbers in the NFL.

“Do you see? I’m learning,” Williams said. “You taught me something. But, yeah, I just got a 54. They gave me a 54, so I took it. It’s what it is.”

Is it a good swipe number?

“It’s my number,” he said, “so I guess so.” – Todd Archer

Johnson started playing soccer in his junior year of high school and went to YouTube to learn his craft. There, he found a movie of Cowboys training camp, and more specifically, excerpts from All-Pro’s left-hand tackle Tyrone Smith.

“I don’t think he got hit once,” Johnson said of Smith’s performance against the Cowboys’ lunge. “It was great.”

So, as simple as that, Johnson decided that was the number he wanted to wear from now on. The Apprentice will have the opportunity to meet Smith when the Chargers and Cowboys hold a joint training camp. – Lindsey Terry